October 7, 2016

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Vision Setting

One of the most difficult areas of business and personal development is vision setting. For most people tomorrow’s vision is the same as today, only slightly better. The world is changing so rapidly that more of the same would be wrong. The vision setting process attendees will learn in this workshop draws on a combination… Read More

Time Management

The importance of time management in achieving personal success cannot be over emphasised. The number of books, courses, websites and motivational speakers on the subject bear testimony to the fact that it is one of the most important improvements you can make to your life. We only have 168 hours in a week. How well… Read More

Team Development

Team Development  What is a team? Business Improvement through team work Balanced Team Model Team Psychology Personal Team Style Team dynamics Team structure Team Selection process Running Project Teams Duration: 1 day Please contact Richard Miller or Sophie Essex-Masmoudi if you would like to attend this workshop.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning The strategic planning process Understand where we are NOW Gain clarity to WHERE we are going Determine our competitive advantage Develop HOW strategies with the strategic SWOT Brainstorm further HOW strategies Prioritise our top strategies Transform our strategies into actions with the force field Pull all our work together into a one page… Read More

Recruitment Process

The right applicant will add fantastic value to your team. The wrong applicant can, at best, reduce productivity and team morale and at worst, destroy carefully laid out strategic plans and visions. This workshop will provide new skills that will reinforce to your team members and to any external applicant that your organization is very… Read More

Project Team Implementation

Project Team Implementation Understanding the Eight Week team cycle How to reinvigorate project teams? Plan Do Check Act Psychology of team and team styles Problem solving tools to empower your teams Pull all our work together into a one page plan How to overcome barriers with project teams Summary and key actions Duration: 4 Hours… Read More

Profit Improvement

Processes either add value, or waste to the production of an item or service. Waste elimination is one of the most effective ways to increase profitability in businesses.   To eliminate waste it is therefore important to fully understand exactly what waste is and where it can be found. Toyota, the Japanese automobile manufacturer, after years… Read More

Problem Solving

Problem Solving Discovering outside the box ideas Getting to the root cause of issues Making robust decisions Prioritising Issues effectively Brainstorm strategies and prioritise Transform our strategies into actions Pull all our work together into a one page plan Monitor with Key Performance Indicators How to make it a continuous improvement cycle Duration: 4 Hours… Read More

Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are essential for all consultants, managers and leaders. There are a number of tools and techniques that can be incorporated into a presentation to achieve a professional result and they are covered in this workshop. An effective presenter both internal and external is a facilitator, motivator, coach, teacher, expert and leader all in… Read More

Negotiation Skills

Negotiating is a part of life. A successful negotiation is a process that yields an agreement each party will willingly fulfil. Treating negotiation as a competition with winners and losers guarantees that the loser will not be committed to fulfilling the agreement. This workshop explains the art of successful negotiation and breaks it down into… Read More