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Dafferns Review of the Autumn 2018 Budget

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Brian King’s review of the Autumn 2018 Budget

For recent Budgets, some of the key proposals have been accurately predicted in advance. For this Budget there was speculation relating to personal and employment taxes. Firstly, it was suggested that personal allowances and the basic rate band will be frozen for 2019/2020. Secondly, there were to be measures introduced from April 2019 tackling individuals… Read More

The Autumn 2018 Budget – Twitter Highlights

While watching the budget the @dafferns team, including @richardMdaffern and @martinGdafferns tweeted their Budget highlights – not that there were that many, from what was one of the least interesting and lengthy Budgets in years…   He’s making the pothole announcement – £420m immediately available for minor road works (some estimate £8bn needed to fix… Read More

The last Pre Brexit Budget – Autumn 2018

Set against the backdrop of ongoing Brexit negotiations and exactly five months to the day before the UK leaves the EU, the Chancellor Philip Hammond presented his second Autumn Budget on Monday 29 October 2018. The headline from the Budget was ‘austerity is coming to an end – but discipline will remain’ But with huge… Read More

Court of Appeal rules National Minimum Wage is not required for ‘Sleep-In Shifts’

The Court of Appeal recently ruled against national minimum wage (NMW) pay for carers undertaking ‘sleep-in’ shifts. In October 2016, the government (BEIS) issued guidance that carers should be paid NMW for sleep-in shifts, which included time spent asleep. In addition to this, carers were to be compensated with six years’ back pay. This was… Read More

Charity Commission – Volunteers

A volunteer is a person who offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking, willingly without pay. Many charities could not continue without the support of volunteers; payroll costs are usually a charities largest expense however these are usually the costs that cannot be cut when looking into a charity’s finance as certain roles require… Read More

Georgia Gaga shares her experience working for Dafferns

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Trustee Safeguarding Responsibilities – Breaking the Myths

Safeguarding has been very topical this year, and has been raised at many client meetings; the interesting thing about this is the number of misconceptions Trustees and Clerks have had about their responsibilities. All Trustees of all charities are accountable and responsible for ensuring that their charity has robust safeguarding practices. Responsibilities are not limited… Read More

Hemicuda Rally – October 20th-21st

Despite enormous efforts by the Rally Isle of Man 2018 organising team, this rallying event was sadly cancelled! However, this hasn’t stopped our sponsored driver Les Allfrey from racing in his mini as he will now be travelling to Belgium and taking part in the upcoming Hemicuda Rally. Hemicuda Rally is one of the most… Read More

How to be a more effective leader or manager webinar

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