Business valuations

Whether you are buying, selling or reorganising, what is the key to valuing a business?

What is your business worth?

It’s never a simple as 5 x your maintainable profits.

Valuing any business is never an exact science, the key is an understanding and knowledge of the business and market sector as well as being able to analyse the figures

Possible valuation methods include

  • Multiple of earnings
  • Net assets
  • Dividend yield
  • Discounted cash flow

Any valuation must be robust to scrutiny and fully assess the impact of properties, intangible assets, undervalued assets and off balance sheet liabilities and not forgetting the impact of suplus cash and assets

Brian Jukes, an acknowledged specialist in the art of business valuations

With many years’ experience in the field, Brian regularly negotiates successfully with HMRC and provides an independent view in relation to business sales and purchases.

When looking at a business sale, often the seller will naturally over value and the buyer will undervalue – so a realistic impartial valuation is key to progressing any potential transaction

Brian Jukes – Corporate Tax Partner

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