Growth Strategy

Striving for increased growth is an objective for most businesses however the path is not always a smooth one. Understanding what products, services, people, industries and market segments will provide you the desired growth and then what strategies are required to ensure you achieve your goals is critical. This workshop is designed to enable attendees to develop a marketing and sales strategy for their organisations and then build in safeguards to ensure continued success.

  1. Audit your current marketing activity
  2. Understand diffusion of innovation
  3. The 5 steps to consumers making decisions
  4. Market Segmentation
  5. How to design customer surveys
  6. Completing a competitor analysis
  7. Driving product strategy with a product portfolio analysis
  8. Understanding Product and Pricing Strategies
  9. Developing growth strategies
  10. Pull all our work together into a one page plan

Duration: 4 Hours

Please contact Richard Miller or Sophie Essex-Masmoudi if you would like to attend this workshop.