Our purpose and values

Trusted Advisers since 1896
Authentic Agile Connected


Trusted advisers since 1896

The best people

Ensuring Dafferns is a great place to work and build a career. A team of people with shared goals, vision and culture. Investing in training and coaching, helping our people develop to perform at their best, positively challenged and supported.

The value of connections

We are connected locally, regionally, internationally, with like minded professionals and strategic partners. People do business with people they have a connection with and resonate with.

Specialist services

We provide specialist compliance and advisory services that add value. We cannot survive by just doing what we have always done, the way we have always done it.

Innovation and technology

We are early adopters, leveraging smart technology. It’s not the big fish who eat the small fish, but the fast fish that catch the slow fish.



  • Our actions and words are congruent with our beliefs and values
  • Service is at the heart of everything we do
  • We challenge the status quo
  • Straight forward, real people
  • You know where you stand
  • Every person counts


  • For agility you need momentum and traction and 126 years of history brings experience and momentum
  • We are a small organisation, able to make decisions and react quickly to changing situations
  • We pivot and adapt to our changing environment
  • Capable and responsive in managing change and boosting the probability of change success
  • We listen and advise on bespoke strategies
  • We are open minded and flexibly knowledgeable


  • We build strong relationships
  • We are linked and coordinated
  • We have a spirit of global collaboration directed to service our clients’ interests and needs
  • Close, strong relationships with clients and other professionals, regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Embracing technology to connect and inform clients



127 years of heritage, a hugely experienced team of professionals, we punch above our weight, a medium sized firm with a top 20 approach

Martin Gibbs – Dafferns Managing Partner