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Headlines from the Chancellor’s Summer Statement

There has been much rumour leading up to this week of a possible emergency Budget and of us seeing widespread tax raising measures being put in place to start to pay for the Covid-19 support package.  That hasn’t happened.  The Chancellor remains committed to an annual autumn Budget and obviously wants to see how the… Read More

Growth Spurt May to July 2020: The Survive-Pivot/Adapt-Thrive trilogy!

With the advent of the COVID-19 crisis we pivoted our Business Leader Groups (BLG) model to a series of one-hour monthly webinars. In this challenging period, we stimulated critical discussions required between leaders to share best practice as they navigate through this period of surviving, pivoting/adapting and thriving during the COVID-19 crisis. Topics and strategies… Read More

More time to file accounts and other information

On 25 June 2020, the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 received royal assent. Some of the measures in the Act came into effect immediately on Friday 26 June. Other measures came into effect on Saturday 27 June when the secondary legislation came into force. The measures introduced by the Act will relieve the burden on… Read More

Dafferns Business Confidence Survey Summer 2020

What has been the impact on your business? As the UK comes towards the end of the third month of the Covid-19 lockdown, most businesses are putting in place plans for returning to some form of normality. We would appreciate your thoughts and views on how the Covid-19 crisis has impacted your business and your… Read More

Fraud and Cybercrime

We are hearing daily of individuals going above and beyond to raise funds for charities supporting the most in need. Who of us will ever forget the amazing Captain Tom Moore who in his 100th year would not be bowed by the current situation? Sadly, for everyone one of these amazing individuals there are those… Read More

Using virtual meetings – the new “business as usual” model

When the UK was initially advised that it would be in a state of lockdown with social distancing measures in place and there would be no non-essential travel, many did not anticipate this extending beyond April. Frequently the decision was taken to delay or defer meetings until after lockdown was lifted. For many this was… Read More

Leveraging Technology – Flexible accounting using cloud-based software

Financial During the current crisis, it has never been more important for businesses and charities to have up to date access to their financial information to support them in making important decisions. Over the last few years we have been supporting many of our charity and not for profit sector clients in migrating their financial… Read More

The Brexit trade deal negotiations

Do you remember the good old days? Only a few months ago, when Brexit negotiations dominated the news agenda, when Theresa May brought her Withdrawal Bill back to Parliament three times, when Teresa May was Prime Minister even and when every vote – in the Commons was crucial? The UK officially left the EU on… Read More

Business Leader Journey – a guide to navigating this difficult crisis

Navigating your business is difficult at the best of times. We may know our desired destination, but changing currents and weather often mean we need to correct our course. But what happens in a perfect storm? How do we react when it seems that our compass no longer points North? To help businesses who may… Read More

Video Coronavirus planning: What do we do next?

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