Recruitment Process

The right applicant will add fantastic value to your team. The wrong applicant can, at best, reduce productivity and team morale and at worst, destroy carefully laid out strategic plans and visions. This workshop will provide new skills that will reinforce to your team members and to any external applicant that your organization is very professional in its approach to recruiting the right candidates.

Recruitment Process

1.Determine the position description &  define person you are looking for
2.Draft the advertisement for the position and know where to place it
3.Develop the interview format and select the interview panel
4.Know how to short list applicants
5.Conduct interviews
6.Select preferred applicant and conduct a reference check
7.Prepare the offer
8.Advise unsuccessful applicants
9.Plan and conduct induction training

Duration: 4 Hours

Please contact Richard Miller or Sophie Essex-Masmoudi if you would like to attend this workshop.