Vision Setting

One of the most difficult areas of business and personal development is vision setting. For most people tomorrow’s vision is the same as today, only slightly better. The world is changing so rapidly that more of the same would be wrong. The vision setting process attendees will learn in this workshop draws on a combination of world’s best practice and self developed tools and processes. A clear and concise vision that is well communicated to all stakeholders can give you a sustainable competitive advantage.

Vision Setting

1.Develop a vision
2.Understand how to overcome and use barriers to visioning to your advantage
3.Understand and know how to use the Mindshop 5 Step Visioning Process
4.Know to link your vision
5.Know how to communicate your vision to all stakeholders
6.Understand the methodology for helping others to see their vision
7.Prepare a One Page Plan to implement your vision

Duration: 4 Hours

Please contact Richard Miller or Sophie Essex-Masmoudi if you would like to attend this workshop.