Exit Route Planning

Buying, selling, restructuring or planning an exit from your business - it's never too early to start planning

We can help you plan for the sale of your business, help you maximise the value and minimise the tax - working with you every step of the way

Planning a strategy for exit from your business requires patient, advance planning

You should start considering the issues a good few years before you plan to sell

Business Valuations

Tax planning services help minimise corporate tax exposure

Expert help and advice on accountancy and corporate finance

It’s never too early to start to plan


With our expertise in strategic advice, tax planning and corporate finance we can help you plan your exit from your business

Major factors to consider are

  • Sale of your business – MBO, MBI or trade sale
  • What are you looking to achieve?
  • Maximising the sale price
  • Timing – When should you sell?
  • Minimising the capital gains tax and Entrepreneurs Relief
  • Inheritance tax and your business

Be fully prepared for price negotiation
Seek objective advice on valuation
Be aware of buyer’s tax position
Don’t take the 10% tax rate for granted

Brian Jukes – Corporate Tax Partner

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