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South West Growth Academy

A collaboration between South West Growth Service and Dafferns LLP Business Leaders and owners often feel isolated in the top job, all the more so with COVID-19. We have found many are looking for an environment to discuss their business in a confidential yet informal environment, supported by experienced business facilitators and business peers. We’re… Read More

Growth Spurt May to July 2020: The Survive-Pivot/Adapt-Thrive trilogy!

With the advent of the COVID-19 crisis we pivoted our Business Leader Groups (BLG) model to a series of one-hour monthly webinars. In this challenging period, we stimulated critical discussions required between leaders to share best practice as they navigate through this period of surviving, pivoting/adapting and thriving during the COVID-19 crisis. Topics and strategies… Read More

Business Leader Journey – a guide to navigating this difficult crisis

Navigating your business is difficult at the best of times. We may know our desired destination, but changing currents and weather often mean we need to correct our course. But what happens in a perfect storm? How do we react when it seems that our compass no longer points North? To help businesses who may… Read More

Video Coronavirus planning: What do we do next?

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Growth Spurt February 2020: Fast tracking implementation

In the final Growth Academy, before its evolution into Dafferns Business Leader Groups in June 2020, we focussed on: Authentic leadership and implementing plans in 2020, injecting new thinking about leadership high performance. Attendees took the opportunity to discuss day-to-day strategies with peers and left with practical tools to make an immediate difference back in the… Read More

Growth Spurt November 2019: People performance

Dafferns Growth Academy round 4, 2019: People performance – how to do less but get more from your people in 2020 In our latest thought-provoking workshop, we looked at emerging trends in people performance and took time to problem solve a real-life challenge facing each of our attendees. Achieving peak people performance is a never-ending balance… Read More

Growth Spurt September 2019: Innovation

Dafferns Growth Academy round 3, 2019: Discovering what every leader needs to know to keep their business innovative. Business innovation is a catch-22, ignore the latest trends and get left behind, or get caught up in ‘the next big thing’ and risk taking your eye off the ball. At our latest Growth Academy we discussed the… Read More

Growth Spurt June 2019: Sustainable Growth

The June 2019 session of the Dafferns Growth Academy Taking control of growth: how to address the challenges of sustainable growth in 2019 Taking control of growth – how to address the challenges of sustainable growth in 2019 was under the spotlight at the latest Growth Academy workshop. Using the idea of ‘learning in the flow… Read More

Growth Spurt February 2019: Leadership Resilience

In this series of snippets we distil our regular Growth Academy half-day workshops down into their essential elements and learning points. A strategic prompt for the Academy members who were there, and a taster of what you missed if you weren’t… Date: 26 February 2019 Key focus: Leadership resilience strategies: how to 100% guarantee success… Read More

Time to scrum down? How to adapt to change

In a rapidly changing world it will be the organisations that are agile enough to adapt that will prosper. Scrum is an agile framework that successful businesses are using to organise themselves, releasing incremental products and services of value to their customer base. What is Scrum? Traditional management theory works on the basis of command… Read More

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