Mindshop – Think Different

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

The late Steve Jobs once said ‘think and act like a start-up’, be run by ideas, emphasise innovation and have wonderful arguments in a totally collaborative way. Build better teams by thinking outside of functions.

In our final 2023 Business Leaders Group we pulled together aspects from both our Leadership and Implementation sessions with a keen eye on 2024 Performance by being more ‘agile’ in strategic planning, indeed start with a 1-Page Plan.

Culture remains a key ‘to-do’ when driving efficiency and change, not what the Leadership make it but how cultural changes can be incorporated into strong positive business results. Set the tone, your impact on culture can make ‘values’ more than words, more a way of life. Give it everything you’ve got, awesome stuff over just getting stuff done with a healthy dose of the ‘Moet’ threshold; be sure to celebrate wins.

A Design Way of Thinking

The process of looking forward to design potential into our products or services, customer-centred incorporating how your clients have actually engaged with you and your company, as opposed to looking back to try and do what we’ve done in the past better, based on how someone thinks the client might engage with it.

Clients often don’t know what problems they have that need solving, adopting a design way of thinking builds out your sustainable competitive advantage. This could be consolidating firm-wide actions into a consistent set of customer experience principles or really nailing what good looks like!

Capability Driver for Change

With less than 40% of Business Leaders agreeing that their organisations can pivot promptly, all focus remains on capability as the driver for successful change. Reportedly, only 1 in 3 business change initiatives succeed, split evenly between organisation and people, capabilities that truly design and deliver initiatives with reliable links from your strategy.

Change capability builds from your people and increasingly people like a greater sense of involvement in change.

Strategy Word – Hustle

Hustling is seen as doing everything in one’s power to get there – unrelenting focus, finding creative ways to get what you want, being more than busy, hustle only works if you’re learning and optimising every day. It’s a way of life, tenacity personified and dedication to action.

For those Leaders with ambitious 2024 plans, what’s your vision in a word?!