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Winter of Discontent? – Hopefully Not

Living organisms have a remarkable ability to adapt and evolve to be successful in the environment in which they find themselves and humans are perhaps the most remarkable of all species on the planet in their ability to adapt rapidly. We are currently living through the most turbulent period of my lifetime in terms of… Read More

HMRC Being Heavy Handed with CJRS Grant Claim Reviews

As is always the case with government initiatives, the fantastic new measures are always rolled out with a fanfare and then behind the scenes, HMRC are tasked with ensuring the new system isn’t abused.  As such, I’m well aware that HMRC are in a somewhat invidious position. Equally, there are always some who will take… Read More

Headlines from the Chancellor’s Summer Statement

There has been much rumour leading up to this week of a possible emergency Budget and of us seeing widespread tax raising measures being put in place to start to pay for the Covid-19 support package.  That hasn’t happened.  The Chancellor remains committed to an annual autumn Budget and obviously wants to see how the… Read More

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) – Phase 2 Begins 1 July

Now that HMRC’s guidance has been published on how the rules of CJRS Phase 2 are going to work, it is worth updating this blog to add some of the detail. The new measures should aid the gradual return to work of many employees who have been furloughed under phase 1 of the CJRS.  Crucially,… Read More

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme: Furlough Period Extended

Tuesday 12 May: In response to concerns of a cliff edge effect of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme ceasing at the end of June, the Chancellor has announced an extension of the scheme to the end of October 2020. The existing scheme will now run until the end of July and a new scheme is… Read More

Sun, Sand and Covid-19 – What to do with Holiday Entitlements

One of the many thorny issues employers are wrestling with just now is how to manage holiday entitlements, both during and after the lockdown period, and how holiday interacts with periods of furlough. Now I am not an employment law expert, but I have had to look into the regulations for Dafferns’ purposes, so I… Read More

What exactly can employees do whilst on furlough leave?

This is a question many employers are wrestling with at the moment and it is important because it could impact on whether or not they receive the job retention scheme grant for their furloughed employees.  Making mistakes in this area could jeopardise qualification for the grant or result in funding having to be repaid following… Read More

Latest guidance from HMRC on Furloughing through the Job Retention Scheme

4 April: Today the Government has issued updated  guidance on how Furloughing under the Job Retention Scheme will work: A few highlights: Minimum furlough period – 3 weeks Claim to be based on salary as at 28 February 2020 If salary variable, can be based on average over the course of 19/20 to date or… Read More

Coronavirus – Government Support Announcements – Support for Individuals

26 March: The second of two blogs from Brian Jukes on the Government Support Announcements, this focussing on Support for Individuals Income Tax The 2nd payment on account of tax that is due by 31 July 2020 will be deferred until 31 January 2021. Self-employed taxpayers are eligible for this deferment. There is no need to apply for… Read More

Coronavirus – Government Support Announcements – Support for Businesses

26 March: The Brian Jukes’s first blog on the Government Coronavirus Support Announcements, here with a focus on the Support available to Businesses Job Retention Scheme Under the Coronavirus Job Retention scheme, government grants will cover 80% of the salary of employees who would otherwise have been laid off during this crisis. The scheme, open to any… Read More

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