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Business Leader Journey – a guide to navigating this difficult crisis

Navigating your business is difficult at the best of times. We may know our desired destination, but changing currents and weather often mean we need to correct our course. But what happens in a perfect storm? How do we react when it seems that our compass no longer points North? To help businesses who may… Read More

Video Coronavirus planning: What do we do next?

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Charities – What action can you take in time of crisis?

Many charities are facing a significant reduction in their income at a time when the demand for their services for the needy and vulnerable is at its highest. So can you, and how do you, weather the storm? Are you able to draw down on reserves? Some charities may have unrestricted reserves that they can… Read More

Coronavirus – It remains business as usual

Sunday 15  March: The Coronavirus pandemic is dominating the news and starting to impact all our lives, so I want to reassure you that it’s ‘business as usual’ for the whole Dafferns team. Our flexible ways of working mean that our team remain fully accessible and have everything they need to work remotely You can… Read More

Corporation Tax: Summary of instalment payment regime

Small companies pay their corporation tax nine months and one day after the accounting year end. However, companies that are classified as ‘large’ or ‘very large’ are required to make quarterly corporation tax instalment payments. These instalments must be based on an estimate of the tax that will be due, and interest will be charged… Read More

Growth Spurt February 2020: Fast tracking implementation

In the final Growth Academy, before its evolution into Dafferns Business Leader Groups in June 2020, we focussed on: Authentic leadership and implementing plans in 2020, injecting new thinking about leadership high performance. Attendees took the opportunity to discuss day-to-day strategies with peers and left with practical tools to make an immediate difference back in the… Read More

Capital Gains tax changes on private residence from April 2020

Property owners with taxable gains on their residential properties need  to be aware of the changes to how the tax is paid and changes to valuable exemptions. Under the current system, these gains would be reported in the self assessment tax return and the tax is payable on 31st January after the tax year in… Read More

BREXIT The road ahead

Friday 31 January 2020. At 11pm tonight, midnight in Brussels, the UK will formally leave the EU and Brexit will be over. Or will it? All we have now is the end of the beginning of Brexit, but with another deadline looming on 31 December 2020 for the mythical trade deal with the EU. Without… Read More

The Drive Towards Electric Vehicles

Somehow the start of a new year always gets us thinking about big plans and what the future might have in store for us.  For me, on a practical level, this has meant thinking about the replacement of my car which is coming to the end of its PCP term and that got me thinking about… Read More

PODCAST Martin Gibbs on the Exploring Excellence podcast

Dafferns Managing Partner, Martin Gibbs, was the guest on the December 2019 edition of Lyn Bromley’s Exploring Excellence podcast. They discussed making the complex simple, building relationships, service excellence in action, investing in the Dafferns team to develop their potential, maximise their performance and deliver excellent service.  They also discuss the digital revolution and slightly… Read More