Why you should join us and work at Dafferns  

What are the benefits of working at Dafferns? When you are starting out in your career there is so much going on, but ultimately, you just need to find your feet and work with people who are going to help you along your chosen path, which is exactly what we do!

Not only are we a training firm, but we are hugely supportive of the next generation of accountants. We’ve been in business for nearly 130 years and continue to strive to demonstrate our commitment to our strong reputation and the stability of the business. 

At Dafferns, we obviously provide the usual compensation and benefits such as a competitive salary, a good pension scheme, a large variety of healthcare benefits, etc, etc … the basics really in this day and age, which may all sound a little boring when you start out in your career, but these things are super important, even if not currently sounding sexy or exciting. 

But then there is what differentiates us!

Building connections and fostering camaraderie is essential for a vibrant workplace culture. That’s why we organise regular social events – from coffee catchups, to barbecues, to team outings and charity fundraisers. These events not only strengthen our bonds within the team, but also provide opportunities for networking and personal growth, along with some cool experiences thrown in! 

In fact, I asked the team what’s the one thing they like most about working here and the overwhelming response was the people / the team / colleagues. In second came flexibility, closely followed by the range of clients we have and the learning opportunities it presents. 

Getting the work / life balance right

Talking of flexibility, achieving a healthy work-life balance is essential for our overall wellbeing – having this balance is paramount for everyone, the team, and the firm. Whether it’s flexible working hours or remote work options, we’re all empowered to manage our professional responsibilities without sacrificing our personal / family lives. We not only understand the importance of prioritising our wellbeing, but we also ensure we offer a range of initiatives designed to support physical, mental, and emotional health. From our wellbeing program to mental health first aiders, we’re committed to creating a supportive environment where everyone can thrive.

Your professional development and training

Professional development to include access to training programs, mentorship opportunities, networking, travel, study packages (including study leave), plus a clear matrix for career progression is continuously reviewed for all members. We have such an interesting and wide variety of clients across various industries that provides the ideal foundation for broadening our skills and understanding different business sectors, making for a more collaborative workplace. 

Dafferns sits in a sweet spot between a large and a small firm. It’s large enough that we have a diverse set of clients, giving us the opportunities to learn and grow as accountants, but small enough that junior members can take an active role in how work is delivered rather than being a cog in a machine

Using the best technology and IT for the job

Then there’s the tech – our IT guru and the leadership team are always looking to access cutting-edge accounting software and tools, to effectively streamline our processes giving us the leverage to increase our efficiency and not spend time on boring tasks that can be streamlined. This frees up time for us to do what we’re good at and what we enjoy, ultimately being given the resources to deliver great results for our clients.

Everyone in the team has a great spec laptop, usually a Dell, HP or Lenovo and some also have MacBooks. Senior team members who are out and about all have work mobiles – iPhones or Samsung.

Standards and ethics

Upholding high ethical standards and compliance is non-negotiable. We take pride in conducting our business with honesty, integrity, and transparency. By adhering to strict ethical guidelines and regulatory requirements, we ensure the trust and confidence of our team, clients, and contacts. 

Our Green Energy journey

We have also made great strides to reduce our carbon footprint, e.g. installing solar panels in 2023. Within a year we’ve saved a whopping 4,428kg of CO2 emissions – that’s the equivalent to planting 268 trees! We’re not stopping there though, and we’re all committed to continuously finding new ways to lessen our environmental impact. 

What the team have to say

I will leave you with direct quotes from some of the team, after all, they are the best placed to share their opinions: 

  • “It feels like we’re all in it together”
  • “Managers listen and are easy to talk to” 
  • “Being part of a team that feels like family” 
  • “Everyone is so friendly. You can go to anyone for advice and they will always help you” 
  • “Dafferns has a supportive culture” 
  • “I would say the support given and the career development side of things is the best thing”
  • “The supportive environment – there is always someone there to help me out when I need it”
  • “It’s a great friendly environment to work in, and we work great as a team”
  • “The opportunities and support without a doubt”
  • “The people, my colleagues and clients are lovely”
  • “100% the support is always there whenever you need it, no matter who it is on the team, they will always make the time to assist you with anything you require, it creates a real team environment and that we’re all in it together!”

If you have any questions or want to discuss the work life at Dafferns, just reach out – plus I’m always up for a coffee!