Working from home – Tax Relief

If you have previously been an office worker and have been working from home during the current Coronavirus crisis, you are able to claim the working from home tax allowance.

For the 2020-2021 tax year, employees can claim up to £6 a week or £26 month in tax relief for working from home. This can either be paid by the employer tax free, or if no such sum is paid, this can be claimed back through HMRC. One requirement, however, is that the employee must be required to work from home by their employer rather than voluntarily working from home.

Employees do not need to keep receipts of their expenses and it is important to note this is not a £6/week (£26/month) tax rebate, but a claim for tax relief on £6/week, so the amount you receive will depend on your income tax bracket.

You can include a claim for home working expenses on your self-assessment tax return, so please confirm the number of weeks of homeworking when we prepare your tax return.

Please contact Karen Keeling if you have any questions.