Maximising Leadership Performance

In a world where the amount of relevant knowledge required is set to double and three quarters of our existing knowledge will become obsolete, what do I need to unlearn today, to ensure I remain a ‘future fit’ high performing leader? 

It is widely acknowledged that the best leaders don’t fix, they coach!

Coaching for success is a key element of maximising leadership performance. From needing a ‘focus’ to having the ‘resilience’ to keep a better hold on ‘strategy’, ensuring that the ‘customer experience’ remains at the forefront, to navigating complex ‘stakeholder’ environments; leadership is key in meeting those growth aspirations and delivering a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our Business Leaders group learnt that your leadership style is quite distinct and can be modified to the moment for improved performance. Whilst a ‘coaching’ style is recognised as best for building culture, a blended approach reaps the greatest rewards.

“What do you think?”
“What if we try this?”
“Come with me, let’s have a go”

This approach combines participation with coaching and vision. There is a belief that if you are a likeable leader, people will follow. Lead by example, embrace new habits yourself and build in greater in-person touch points. As we move into the era of AI, which can augment your leadership capabilities, leadership ultimately relies on emotional intelligence and robust strategic thinking. 

For 2023 and beyond, coaching and developing your team is the number 1 focus area to boost performance as a leader, according to the Mindshop 2023 Business Leader Insights Report. Leadership qualities that foster adaptability, collaboration and lifelong learning will be critical to retention and recruitment strategies. 

Some great takeaways from the workshop:
“It is a thing to do it a different way”
“Adopting the coaching orientated approach may be quicker in the end”
“Embrace a blended leadership style”
“Ask those who work for you, they’re your greatest advocates”

By embedding these approaches into your daily routine, it will help steer leaders and organisations towards success in an ever-changing world!

For more details about our Business Leaders group, click here or for any questions please contact Richard Miller.