The Budget – March 2015

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The March 2015 Budget – The highlights

George Osborne presented the final Budget of this Parliament on Wednesday 18 March 2015 – reporting ‘on a Britain that is growing, creating jobs and paying its way’. Increased personal allowances The introduction of a new Personal Savings Allowance Changes to ISAs including the introduction of a new type of ISA for First Time Buyers… Read More

March 2015 Budget: Brian Jukes’ view

This was probably the most political Budget I have ever had the pleasure of sitting through. The Chancellor used it as an opportunity to announce every possible piece of good news and target accomplishments that he could, some of which were achieved via the clever interpretation of statistics or the use of new ways of… Read More

March 2015 Budget: The end of Tax Returns?

The headlines following the Budget indicated that “end of year tax returns will be scrapped” and “tax returns will become a thing of the past.” So what is being proposed instead?  Individuals and business will have a digital tax account. All the information for a taxpayer will be held in one place. A business will… Read More

Charities: The 2015 Budget

There were many analogies in the Chancellor’s budget to “fixing the roof while the sun shines”, but it appears that we can take him at his word as he announced a trebling of the monies set aside to support church roof appeals. Air ambulance services and charities supporting veterans also look set to benefit from… Read More

2015 Budget: Our live Linkedin and Twitter Budget feed

Abolishing the annual tax return for self employed. Revolutionary digital tax accounts from next year. The rise of The Cloud, real time tax information and monthly tax bills for small businesses and the self employed “via BBC” – George Osborne says the threshold at which people pay the higher tax rate is rising above inflation,… Read More

2015 Budget: Boost for Farmers

The Budget provided a boost for self employed farmers who will be able to average their taxable profits over 5 years compared to the current 2 years. This is to take into account variations in weather and market volatility.  This measure with become effective in April 2016. We have a number of farming clients and… Read More

The 2015 Budget: No accounting for humour

For those armed with a checklist of clichés and groaning gags, this was a Budget of highs and lows. But few afficiandos of English history could have foreseen the jibe based on the 600th anniversary of Agincourt, celebrated by Shakespeare as a victory secured by a band of brothers. “Not something that the party opposite… Read More