Marketing is everybody’s business

Marketing leads the customer experience across the whole business – 64% of customers will recommend a brand that offers a high quality experience – is your marketing business wide?

Your job, my job

It is essential to generate revenues, it’s your job, my job. Business is executed between individuals, accountability for success belongs to all. With every firm, practice and company now a social media business, in short, we are all responsible for marketing!

We are listening better; context matters more than ever as does what you care about. Our messaging must be delivered with real ‘authenticity’, open and honest words and ways. Rather than colleagues sharing our information, how can we help them share their own information – engaging customers today requires commitment from the entire company.

With today’s empowered, critical, demanding, price sensitive, review forum driven clients looking for objective advice, superior insight rich engagement is a source of sustainable competitive advantage.

Moonstruck personal brand

Who we are and how we act shines through in every client conversation, it is fundamental that we align with the company’s brand values and believe in them. In 1962, US President John F Kennedy visited NASA. He stopped to talk to a janitor carrying a broom. ‘Hi – I’m John Kennedy, what are you doing?’ he asked – ‘Well, I’m helping you put as man on the moon’ – stratospheric brand alignment!

Personalisation meets content

With 73% of customers expecting companies to understand their unique needs, there is a trend towards hyper-personalisation. Whilst Amazon may well use your purchase history to shape product recommendations, the accountancy world see personalisation as an opportunity to offer solutions which requires a fair bit of social listening and the chance to show case expertise. 

Content marketing can help define the problem, create empathy and position your practice as an industry authority. It follows that 97% of marketeers are using content marketing as part of their digital strategy. At Dafferns, we are increasingly focusing on thought leadership pieces that demonstrate that we are different, have a tone of voice and a vision in line with a ‘business to human’ world whilst always remaining authentic.

Real & relatable

With nine out of ten clients citing authenticity as an important factor when making choices amongst competing brands, it is absolutely imperative to have business wide clarity on the business purpose of marketing.

Marketing effectiveness is no longer the remit of one person, accounts maybe a measure of past performance, brand is a measure of the future!

Simon Cossey is Dafferns’ Business Development Consultant and part of our Strategic Advisory team.