Growth Spurt June 2019: Sustainable Growth

The June 2019 session of the Dafferns Growth Academy Taking control of growth: how to address the challenges of sustainable growth in 2019

Taking control of growth – how to address the challenges of sustainable growth in 2019 was under the spotlight at the latest Growth Academy workshop.

Using the idea of ‘learning in the flow of work’ we linked insights about business growth directly to day-to-day challenges of attendees.

Looking at taking control of growth we discussed:

  1. Are you too lean to grow? Could you be facing the four components of the ‘perfect storm’ leading to growth stagnation or is there an opportunity to outperform the competition?The four components were – having a heavy ‘lean’ focus, suffering from a ‘GFC hangover’, being burdened by technology overload and only having a low level of change readiness and capability.

  2. Are we listening too much to customers? Exploring the recent failure of ‘Shoes of Prey’, a seemingly successful, entrepreneurial start up that grew quickly but ultimately claimed they ‘listened too much’ to customers.

  3. Are we innovating too quickly? Looking at the idea of ‘minimal viable product’ are businesses ‘pivoting’ their strategy too often, leading to change fatigue and

  4. Exploring the two biggest barriers to growth – Bain and Co’s revelation that 85% of executives claim the biggest barriers to growth lie within their own four walls – bureaucracy and complexity.

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