Cossey’s Coaching 3 C’s

It is reported that 92% of small businesses agree that business coaches have a direct impact on their business growth, whilst 80% claim that coaching has enhanced their self-worth and self-confidence.

The field hockey coach has 70 minutes to convert problem solving into productivity gains, and strategic thinking into a sustainable competitive advantage. This is the ‘3 C’ approach encompassing 10 key aspects from sport that translate to small businesses.

Confidence – Motivation in the moment

Coaching is product development with the player as the product. In the sporting arena this engagement can not only foster personal growth but achieving goals (on the pitch and in the net) is a powerful recurring motivator. 

Coaching is not a passive experience, expect to be challenged, individual moments of motivation create mini moments of ‘mentorship’ between players and builds rapport. The coach is the facilitator of these positive experiences and is ultimately a client service.

Connection – Creative communication

The approach is key, the coach goes beyond active listening, offers an unbiased gameplay perspective and exudes a consistently positive attitude to problem solving. In that moment, players interpersonal skills receive an immediate boost and their ability to contribute to a winning team is enhanced by pressing home match winning strategic thinking and coordinating colleagues to deliver results.

As a coach, look alive, be committed to the moment, use your body language to share your energy to the team by osmosis. Remember you are key in creating a culture of camaraderie, mutual respect and commitment to a common goal. Make your team talks precise, pacy and passionate.

Competence – Pitch productivity

Corrective action rather than criticism is crucial in responding to flow of the game, providing a real opportunity to fill knowledge gaps, encourage creative play and promote productivity and outcomes be that goal scoring opportunities or set plays.

Persistence pays, performance practice (right way, right time) as opposed to practice makes perfect to cement that sustainable competitive advantage, those additional 1% productivity gains over time can deliver match winning performances!

And finally…..

In sport more time is spent reviewing winning recipes, and with employees reportedly spending 50% more time on collaborative work than 20 years ago, it is no surprise that over 80% of team sport players say they use their playing strengths in the workplace everyday!

Simon Cossey is Dafferns’ Business Development Consultant and part of our Strategic Advisory team.