Business Leader Groups: Scaling up to boost business value

2021 will be a year of exciting opportunities for most business leaders. Not only is it an opportunity to ‘reset’ strategies, but also to look at how to boost business value and scale up by doing more with less. This is often easier said than done especially in the unpredictable and at times very challenging current market.

In the second webinar this year for Business Leader Groups (BLG), we looked at ‘Scaling up to boost business value’. In the webinar, we discovered tools, market trends on scaling up and boosting business value, developed strategies, and learnt from experienced peers what is working for them. 

Topics and strategies discussed included:

  • Scaling up and boosting business value global insights
  • Profitable growth in 2021/22
  • How to improve deletion skills as a leader
  • Four areas to accelerate ability to scale up
  • How to become number one in your market

Overall a terrific morning with attendees walking away with a wealth of practical ideas and strategies they can take back immediately into their businesses. 

If you are interested in joining our practical and high-value learning sessions, we would like to invite you to join us at the next BLG workshop on 7 September 2021. Please contact Sophie Essex-Masmoudi to register.