100 Percent Manufacturing

Last week we saw Prime Minister Rushi Sunak announce that the UK is re-joining the European Union’s flagship research & innovation programme ‘Horizon’ whilst visiting Warwick Manufacturing Group’s High Value Catapult Centre. Horizon opens up a world of opportunity on science that delivers real world benefits to the UK.

With UK Manufacturing now ranked 8th in the world and adding £224bn to the UK economy, all is set for National Manufacturing day (28 September) to showcase range of skilled and well-paid roles, demonstrating the value of manufacturing apprenticeships.

Our Business Development consultant, Simon Cossey, has spent his summer surfing the public internet highway (whilst on holiday) to collate 100 Percent Manufacturing reflecting thoughts and sentiments from businesses encompassing skills, R&D, recruitment, sustainability, productivity and digital transformation!

199%Manufacturers believe UK should have an Industrial Strategy
299%All UK businesses are SME’s
395%Growth R&D Expenditure attributed to SME Companies
495%Electronic sector businesses are SME’s
592%Believe UK Net Zero by 2050 achievable with right support
690%Leaders agreed frequency of disruption significantly increased over past decade
790%Organisations facing some element of supply chain challenge
889%West Midlands Productivity Measure ranked 6th nationally
987%UK Manufacturing firms employ less than 20 people
1087%Companies say an Industrial Strategy would give their Business Long Term Vision
1186%C Suite Executives have a positive outlook for 2023
1282%Businesses looking to invest in new technology
1381%Manufacturers believe Government sector support inadequate
1480%All SME businesses are family owned
1579%Large Firms are working with an Education/Skill provider
1676%Feel Mental Health is an important issue for Industry
1776%Employers see continuous learning key to lifelong employability
1875%Struggle to retain existing talent
1975%View outsourcing positively
2074%Struggle to find the right talent
2174%Say applicants lack necessary Skills & Qualifications
2272%Regard ‘rapid’ advance of technology as a positive trend
2372%Mindshop respondents are keen to grow their business
2471%Young People unlikely to consider working in a factory
2571%White collar recruiters focus on project management skills
2670%Manufacturers prioritising digital skills
2769%Businesses believe access to skills will remain a drag on UK competitiveness
2865%Colleagues feel Mental & Physical wellbeing supported by their business
2965%Businesses produce a sustainability report
3065%Firms operate recycling initiatives
3164%Manufacturing accounts all UK R&D expenditure
3264%Mindshop respondents have high energy levels and can bounce back from any challenge
3364%Businesses actively sourcing new suppliers
3463%Have a hybrid working programme in place
3562%Leaders see uncertainty most likely to hold back company growth
3660%Manufacturers expect turnover to grow next 12 months
3760%Partnering with specialist Tech Companies for SMART Manufacturing initiatives
3860%Focus on Data Analytics to improve operational efficiencies
3960%CEO’s say they have put prices up
4060%Typical micro-manufacturing firm productivity compared to larger firms
4159%Say Education system failing to rectify the skills gap
4255%Experiencing shortages in Advanced Manufacturing skills
4354%Shifting towards Industry 4.0 to replace more traditional manufacturing
4454%Plan to diversify supply chain
4553%Engineers feeling positive about the future of Manufacturing
4652%CEO’s have reduced operating costs
4751%Businesses have M&A appetite – looking to buy
4851%Manufacturers not working with skills providers to ensure specific needs met
4950%Firms plan to invest in AI
5049%Firms not received enough applications to fill vacancies
5148%Young people never receive information about a career in Manufacturing
5248%UK Employers expect to increase jobs as a result of automation
5348%Manufacturers recognise that Advanced Manufacturing skills benefit productivity
5447%Mindshop respondents have a clear strategy to grow their business
5546%C Suite Executives expecting growth say it will be organic
5645%Firms unaware High Value Catapult Centres
5745%Total Exports Manufacturing based
5844%Businesses returned to pre-covid production levels
5943%Believe new technologies will generate more jobs
6042%R&D Expenditure accounted for by Manufacturing
6141%Use sustainable raw materials
6241%Graduates have a `STEM’ background
6340%Manufacturing output accounted for by FDI Companies
6439%Leaders cite strategic alliances/JV main source company growth
6538%Claim R&D Tax Credits
6637%Manufacturers account for largest share of exports
6735%Companies turn to Accountants as ‘Trusted Risk Advisor’
6833%Manufacturers provide industry placements/work experience
6933%Proactive approach to societal issues/invest in living wage
7032%Firms already taken action to diversify supply chain
7132%Leaders see transforming company technology as a top priority
7230%Average Manufacturing salary higher than UK average wage
7329%Consider complexity of de-carbonising supply chain a barrier to Net Zero
7428%Amount Transport accounts West Midlands Manufacturing output
7526%Smaller firms already working with Education/Skills providers
7626%C suite Executives say business is booming
7726%See increased ESG Measurement/Governance key driver to accelerate strategy
7824%Engineering/Technology Graduates work in Manufacturing
7921%Manufacturing output food related 
8021%UK SME’s rated legislation/regulations as major obstacle to running a business
8120%Manufacturing output FDI related
8220%Companies will be exporting to new markets in 2023
8319%Leaders 2023 key theme is profitable growth
8418%Young Women likely to consider manufacturing career
8518%25-64 year old hold a vocational qualification 
8617%Sales growth in basic metals manufacturing division
8716%West Midlands Manufacturing metal related
8816%Employers find proving continuous skill development challenging
8916%Business Investment accounted for by UK Manufacturing
9015%West Midlands Manufacturing contribution to UK Gross Value Added
9115%Plan to invest in 5G to drive operational efficiencies
9214%West Midlands output manufacturing related
9311%Manufacturing employers currently offering apprenticeships
9410%West Midlands workforce manufacturing linked
958%West Midlands accounts for total UK goods exported
966%Believe Brexit barrier to trade
976%Number UK businesses been around for 30 years or more
985%UK Gross Value Added High Tech Manufacturing led
995%UK Manufacturing annual productivity growth rate
1003%UK GDP spent on R&D