BREXIT The porogative to prorogue

Friday 27 September. What a total mess we are in!

A PM who loses his first six votes in the House, illegally prorogues parliament, misleads the Queen and yet, the opposition are unwilling to put forward a vote of no confidence.

Twice Boris has asked for an election and twice he has failed to get the necessary 2/3 majority. Labour say they want an election, yet will not vote to hold one. Boris is stymied, he can’t pass a vote in the House, his minority government doesn’t have the support of the House, yet clearly has more support than any combination of the opposition.

Against this background Labour still have no set position leave or remain. If they get into power with a majority they would negotiate a new leave deal with the EU, yet may vote against their own deal. Alongside this, at their conference this week announced a gamut of extreme left policies:

Apparently, under Labour we will be paying 16 year olds £10 an hour, so £20k per annum, for a 32 hour week, with full employment rights from day 1 and free training as a right…..

Personally, I’m less worried about a No Deal Brexit than a Corbyn government and less worried about a Corbyn government than the reality of Labour post Corbyn with an ultra extreme Marxist Communist agenda under McDonnall.

The sanity of remaining in the EU seems a distant prospect….

Martin Gibbs is Dafferns Managing Partner. He likes talking about BREXIT. Any political views in this post are his own.