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The latest Brexit news, views and our opinion and your essential signpost for tools and resources

Even though the UK is way past the original 29 March deadline, and have now also missed the second deadline of the 31 October we still have no clear idea on what the eventual outcome will be or even when…

The new Brexit date is 31 January 2020, but it could happen sooner, or there could be yet another delay…

All this uncertainty means it’s not possible to say how specific regulations will impact your business and it’s not always easy to plan for the unexpected, but hat doesn’t mean you can’t take practical steps to protect and prepare your business.

In reality, needing a plan is the only Brexit certainty we can give you

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What you need to know about Brexit

What is Brexit?

In June 2016, 72% of the registered electorate voted in an advisory referendum and 52% of those who voted (17.4 million people) chose for the UK to leave the EU.

In early 2017 Parliament backed the European Union Bill (supported by the Labour) by 498 votes to 114, subsequently triggering the Article 50 process with a 29 March 2019 leaving date.

One might have assumed they had a plan…..?

Will it affect me?

Yes, it will affect you, your family, your job, your business, fundamentally and permanently.

Whether this proves to be a good or bad thing long term, remains to be seen.

What do I have to do?

Until the parliament collectively decides what the UK will do:
– The Johnson deal
– No deal
– Remain

There is a limited amount we can do. However as the clock ticked past 29 March 2019 and 31 October 2019, in the absence of a deal, or any consensus in Parliament, the time has come for us all to plan for no deal…

When is all this happening?

Originally, 11pm on the 29 March 2019 but you need to prepare in the case of a no deal Brexit.

But with Parliament unable to pass the Withdrawal Bill or the Political Declaration that goes along side it, and there being no majority for any other leave or remain scenario, the UK remains in limbo until 31 October 2019 but this date will pass without an agreement so we now continue to wonder what will happen until the new date of 31 January 2020


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