Survive Pivot Adapt Thrive

A three part webinar series, part of Dafferns Business Leader Groups
Signposting the way forward for your business to Survive, Pivot and Adapt and Thrive as we come out of the Lockdown

Webinar 1
May 2020

Discover - Our roadmap for businesses through this current crisis - Strategies can you embrace based on the severity of impact to your business - Four attributes of leaders successfully navigating this crisis - What is working for your peers in navigating the crisis? - The key actions you should be taking over the next 30 days

Webinar 2
June 2020

Discover - Insights on where in the Survive, Pivot/Adapt, roadmap businesses now find themselves - Insights from peers on how they are navigating this next stage of the COVID-19 crisis - Where are opportunities to pivot/adapt in your business and role? - Tools / Processes to drive strategies you can implement immediately

Webinar 3
July 2020

The final part of the trilogy

How and where will your business thrive post Covid-19?

Where will be the opportunities to continue to innovative, adapt business / team structures

What are our business leader groups?

We found that businesses leaders and owners often feel lonely in the top job and need an environment to discuss their business in a confidential but informal environment with experienced business facilitators and business peers.

Dafferns Business Leader Groups (BLG) help business leaders and owners, including those in senior management positions and the next generation of business owners, to develop new strategies, learn new leadership skills and solve challenges in a confidential learning environment.

The BLG provides a combination of 1:1 advisory support plus action orientated online and face-to-face training, combined with peer networking and online tools. The BLG addresses your direct learning and development objectives directly related to commercial needs.

Do you sometimes feel lonely in the top job?
Do you find it difficult to spend time working on the business rather than IN the business?
Would you benefit from discussing your key issues with experienced facilitators and like-minded business peers?
Do you struggle to find the time to keep up to date with current areas of strategy development and best practice?
If the answer to these questions is YES, then our Business Leader Groups could be a great fit for you.

What are the benefits?

1:1 Advisory Support

You will receive one-to-one support every month from your experienced coach, the focus will be around the implementation challenges and opportunities relating to your strategic plans. A critical element of the program to ensure new learnings are made relevant to day-to-day objectives.

Face to Face Training

Participating in quarterly workshops provides face-to-face opportunities to learn new skills, refine strategic plans, share best practice, review your strategies and hold each other accountable to implement goals. The content is customised to suit the specific learning/development needs of participants.

Peer Networking

It’s important that during regular workshops and between workshops there are multiple opportunities to share best practice between participants. This taps into the power of the wider group to challenge and provide insights to your strategies, actions and implementation hurdles.

Online Tools

24/7 access to online learning and development platform. Track strategies and actions for support and accountability from your coach with access to customised training from 150 different modules. Collaborate rapidly to solve issues and discuss implementation challenges with access to over 100 business tools and problem solving videos.

Why should you attend?


Commercially focused quarterly workshops with experienced business facilitators and business peers to ensure you ‘learn by doing’, driving real commercial improvements for your business during the learning process.

Ongoing training

Subject matter best practice online courses, videos and webinars from leading business experts, including access to hundreds of business tools, diagnostics and resources.


Individual accountability and improved probability of strategy implementation success is achieved by embedding new business tools into day-to-day practices.


Support from a business adviser to capture and track your strategies and actions.


Ongoing online coaching sessions for specific mentoring around a business challenge or opportunity.

Business Leader Peer Community

Access to a network of business leader peers online and in workshops to encourage sharing of ideas, best practice and promote collaboration.

Who runs the Business Leader Groups?

Martin Gibbs

Managing Partner
Strategic and Corporate Services
AMSF Accredited Mindshop Facilitator

Richard Miller

Strategic and Corporate Services
AMSF Accredited Mindshop Facilitator