Did the Mini Budget actually add up?

In the wake of the adverse reaction to the tax cuts in the September Mini Budget, the Chancellor came under huge pressure to bring the publication date of the economic forecasts he chose to omit from the Mini Budget. 

Was the September Mini Budget uncosted?

The Chancellor had said the OBR report would be published on 23 November, but after the turmoil in the financial markets and more confusion and mayhem over the weekend at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, he was forced to bring the date forward to calm markets spooked by the lack of details on how the new tax cuts will actually be paid for. The OBR’s economic forecasts could now be published later this month – October 2022

Martin Gibbs – Dafferns

The actual 2022 Bugdet is still to come

However, 23 November 2022 remains as the proposed date for the actual Budget, but there is a lot of water to pass under numerous bridges before we get there….