HMRC VAT Investigations

Our experience shows that many of the tax investigations we handle are VAT investigations. This can be a very stressful time for the client and such investigations can be time consuming and lengthy in process.

Such investigations can take anywhere in the region of three months to eighteen months to reach a conclusion depending on whether the investigation focuses on a specific transaction or whether it is a detailed enquiry.

HMRC investigations are an unwelcome distraction to the day to day business activities of the business which can lead to considerable unexpected costs. You could be subject to an investigation irrespective of whether there is a tax issue or not.

That’s why at Dafferns we offer Tax Fee Protection Insurance to take care of our fees for the duration of the enquiry, which would otherwise potentially cost you thousands of pounds. The cost of dealing with an enquiry is not included in your regular fee, therefore just as you would consider insurance to protect your business, you should consider tax fee protection insurance to cover the unforeseen costs involved in investigations.

For more details please visit our dedicated page here or contact Karen Keeling.