HMRC – Are they getting their act together?

Has HMRC finally realised that they need people who know about ‘tax’ for them to actually be able to provide an effective tax authority?

It has been evident since the pandemic that HMRC does not appear to have anyone who really knows what they are doing or are supposed to do. I do not doubt for one moment that HMRC does have many a competent tax professional however, you have more chance of winning the lottery than being able to correspond with one of them. 

HMRC may have at last realised this as they are now recruiting for qualified ‘Tax Specialist’ to join the following departments:

  • Fraud investigation
  • Large business
  • Wealthy & mid-sized business

Just in case you’re thinking that being a Civil Servant does not have any real benefit, don’t forget that the Employer Pension Contribution is over 28%…just a thought…

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Scott Whitmore is Dafferns’ Senior Corporate Tax manager and is happy to assist should you have any concerns with your tax affairs.