Growth Spurt February 2018: discovering your “A” game

In this series of snippets we distil our regular Growth Academy half-day workshops down into their essential elements and learning points. A strategic prompt for the Academy members who were there, and a taster of what you missed if you weren’t…

Date: 13 February 2018

Key focus: Discovering your “A” game as a leader and how to leverage it in your organisation

Topics covered:

  • 2018 Business Leader survey findings discussed
  • How to discover your “A” game?
  • How to leverage intuition more effectively in your decision making?
  • Value creating growth – a model
  • How to implement strategy in a change-resistant and fatigued organisation?

Take home points:

  • 10 core capabilities and 10 high-performance habits – the essentials
  • The importance of beliefs to reach and sustain your “A” game – Belief Behaviour Model
  • The powerful combination of the rational and intuitive – test it
  • Value creating growth framework – Commitment, Strategy, Capability
  • Ownership and focus are key in achieving change

Moment of truth!

Steven Spielberg – listen to your intuition

To discuss any of the points above or for any questions, please contact Richard Miller.

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