Growth Spurt May to July 2020: The Survive-Pivot/Adapt-Thrive trilogy!

With the advent of the COVID-19 crisis we pivoted our Business Leader Groups (BLG) model to a series of one-hour monthly webinars.

In this challenging period, we stimulated critical discussions required between leaders to share best practice as they navigate through this period of surviving, pivoting/adapting and thriving during the COVID-19 crisis.

Topics and strategies discussed over the series of three webinars included:

  1. A one-page Business Leader Roadmap
  2. Fostering business leader attributes – adaptability, agility, resilience and scenario planning
  3. Insights from peers on how they are navigating the crisis
  4. Where are the opportunities for you to pivot/adapt in your business or role?
  5. Tools to use, including competitor analysis and product surround
  6. Top 5 pivot/adapt questions to ask in your business
  7. Vision mapping post COVID-19
  8. Evolving business and team structures – what will stick over the next 12 months?
  9. How and where you will thrive – product portfolio analysis
  10. New online training courses to build capability including Personal resilience and Pivot/Adapt
  11. The role of Business Leader Groups in bringing about change in your business

If you’re interested in joining our practical, high-value learning sessions and to benefit from coaching support to develop strategies and actions for implementing change in your business, we would like to invite you to join us at the Business Leader Groups.

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