Growth Spurt June 2018: unlocking value

In this series of snippets we distil our regular Growth Academy half-day workshops down into their essential elements and learning points. A strategic prompt for the Academy members who were there, and a taster of what you missed if you weren’t…

Date: 12 June 2018

Key focus: Unlocking the value in your business and team

Topics covered:

  • Simplifying complexity
  • Creating a clear competitive advantage
  • Developing and managing short-term and long-term strategies as a leader with your teams
  • Unlocking greater value – the power of activity mapping
  • Talent management techniques
  • Rapid problem solving

Take home points:

  • Boston Consulting Group – complexity leads to lower profit margins
  • 8 areas to simplify in any organisation
  • Steps to follow in strategy – change success and cascading plans
  • Activity mapping – map your competitive strategy and connect your value proposition to your company’s assets, capabilities and values
  • Understand “the 5 dysfunctions of a team” – Patrick Lencioni

Moment of truth!

Richard Jolly – organisational confidence, sense of purpose and how to build on “social capital”

To discuss any of the points above or for any questions, please contact Richard Miller.

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