Growth Spurt Nov 15: Future-proofing your business

Key points from the November Growth Academy – Future business trends, leadership styles, managing priorities, strategy mapping and challenging your business model

Date: November 2015

Key focus: Future-proofing your business or division

Topics covered:

  • Key insights to learn from in 2015
  • Future business trends: volatility, rise of technology, generational shifts, collaboration
  • Leadership styles and managing priorities
  • Strategy mapping to refine your 2016 vision
  • Challenging your business model: enter the Shark Tank!

Take home points:

  • Need to be adaptable as leaders
  • Leveraging the strategy mapping tool in your business   Strategy Map – 2015
  • Mindshop mobile on smartphone

Moment of truth!

Learn to Pivot – Eric Ries, The Lean Startup

Pivot video
Pivot chart