ESG – Making your first step

ESG for SMEs, sustainability and carbon reporting is rapidly becoming a huge issue and opportunity for SME businesses.

To find out more about ESG for SMEs, in April 2024 we attended the brilliant evening and hugely thought provoking Coventry & Warwickshire First ESG cross sector dinner in Leamington Spa. Brian Jukes and I came away from this hugely insightful event with a number of must do next steps for our own ESG journey here at Dafferns and we will be writing much more about this in the coming months.

My takeaway action points to drive ESG in SMEs

  • Just talking about ESG within your business, puts you in the top 5% of ESG adopters
  • Measure where you are NOW, work out WHERE you want to be and by when, then come up with a simple plan for HOW you are going to do it – check out the Dafferns ESG Diagnostic
  • Turn off your second or third screens overnight – simple, but apparently this makes a huge difference
  • Delete old email – the energy impact of storing archived, deleted and unread electronic rubbish is massive – 20,000 archived or deleted email is apparently equivalent to a return flight to Amsterdam!
  • The 80:20 rule will always apply – 20% of the things we do will have 80% of the total impact – work out what they are and do them first

This event underlines just why Dafferns are members of Coventry & Warwickshire First