Dafferns Brexit news and resources hub

What a monumental year lies ahead. In 2019 our country will face one of the biggest changes in its history.

Dafferns dedicated Brexit landing page has been created to help you keep you updated with the latest Brexit news and be an essential signpost for tools and resources.

The potential effect of Brexit on SMEs is largely unknown at this point in time. That doesn’t mean you can’t take practical steps to protect and prepare your company. In fact, needing a plan is the only Brexit certainty we can give you.

It’s not possible to say how specific regulations will impact your business and it’s not always easy to plan for the unexpected,which is where external expertise can help. As all business owners know, if your business is going to succeed, you need to be well managed and well advised.

We’re sure you’ve got the well managed element firmly in hand. For well advised, we’d suggest getting some support on strategic steer and business agility to be ready to act swiftly when the Brexit outcome is clear and ready to be implemented. Wondering why this would be useful before the outcome as opposed to waiting until afterwards? Competitive edge.

The key questions that you need to ask in the run up to 29 March 2019 are:-

  • To what extent do you have goods clearing customs?
  • Supply chain mapping, where your inputs come from and what possible tariffs that might apply?
  • Contractual agreements spanning other EU countries?
  • Product compliance?
  • Employees that are EU nationals might need to apply for settled status?
  • Cashflow and forex planning (where you deal in different currencies)?

For more information go to our Brexit landing page at https://dafferns.com/brexit/.