Business Leader Insights 2022

Each year Mindshop conducts a global survey of business leaders to understand their thoughts on themselves, their business environment and their training needs for the year ahead.

Here is the 2022 Business Leader Insights report, which summarises the findings and identifies tips for strategies and actions as a result.

Overall, six key insights for business leaders in 2022 were identified from the survey results:

  1. Lack of time and focus continues to negatively impact leadership effectiveness
  2. Embracing a flexible workforce is critical to attraction & retention strategies
  3. Boost resilience by locking in new work/life balance habits
  4. Invest in leadership & coaching capabilities to make you a leader worth following
  5. You’ll need a ‘thriving’ strategy and vision for 2022
  6. Don’t lose sight of what makes you profitable

Take on board these insights and combine them with the reset tips throughout the report plus the final eight step process containing practical strategies to develop your reset 2022 plan to rechart success.