BREXIT The road ahead

Friday 31 January 2020. At 11pm tonight, midnight in Brussels, the UK will formally leave the EU and Brexit will be over. Or will it?

All we have now is the end of the beginning of Brexit, but with another deadline looming on 31 December 2020 for the mythical trade deal with the EU. Without that and the now illegal, under UK law, extension of the negotiating period, we will be back to a No Deal scenario.

Some are suggesting a Canada Plus type deal will be announced tonight or Monday?

The UK have left the EU, but the EU failed to keep the UK as members and there may be collateral damage for them with other EU members in the years ahead.

Whatever happens, we have not stopped talking about Brexit. This is just the end of the beginning not the beginning of the end.

The picture above is Rufus, my 4 year old flatcoated retriever. He knows what’s down the road ahead and knows when to come back.

Martin Gibbs is Dafferns Managing Partner. He likes talking about BREXIT and probably isn’t going to stop. Any views in this post are his own.