BREXIT – The end game is in play

Wednesday 3 April 2019 and the whole BREXIT process has descended into unprecedented chaos in Westminster.

After two bouts of indicative votes on BREXIT alternatives, producing twelve NO votes and two and a half failed attempts at getting Mrs May’s deal, or the legal part of it, through the House, the limit seems have been reached with where Westminster can go with the current BREXIT deal.

Having failed to win over the ERG, DUP, SNP or anybody really, Mrs May is having one final attempt at doing a deal with Labour. This is not going to end well for anyone……

The plug will surely be pulled before we crash out with No Deal on 12 April, but one party, faction or body will have to compromise first.

We have known all along that at least 48% of the population will not like the outcome…

Martin Gibbs is Dafferns Managing Partner. He likes talking about BREXIT but is getting frustrated by it. Any political views in this post are his own.