BREXIT – That was the week that was

Friday 15 March and the events in my Geoffrey Cox blog on Monday have unraveled and the Attorney General was not able to provide the necessary assurances to allow Mrs May’s Deal to be passed.

With what has happened in the last few days, much now depends on whether the EU will permit an extension.

– If they do allow an extension of the 29 March deadline, it will have to be for a specific purpose; eg: a second referendum or a general election. 

– If there is no delay permitted, then it’s a choice between the current deal and rescinding Article 50, if you assume we will not allow a No Deal exit.

– If it’s a short delay then our options are the current deal or rescinding Article 50.

– If it is a long delay then not leaving at all becomes more of a possibility, with an election followed perhaps by a second referendum.

Not exactly clear then, with another big week next week…..

Martin Gibbs is Dafferns Managing Partner. He likes talking about BREXIT and any political views in this post are his own.