Dafferns Thrive Webinar 3 July 2020

Survive, Pivot, Adapt, Thrive Webinar 3 – How your business can thrive in 2020

Dafferns Business Leader Groups webinar, hosted by Richard Miller and Martin Gibbs, the third and final instalment in our Survive | Pivot/Adapt | Thrive trilogy.

How and where will your business thrive in 2020?
What business and team structures adaptions will stick and what will return to normal?
What key actions you should be taking over the next 30 days?

With thanks to our guest contributors.

The McKinsey article
From thinking about the next normal to making it work: What to stop, start, and accelerate https://mck.co/2ZSXaSp
The Dr Darryl Cross article
Never Waste a Good Crisis: The golden opportunity for the C-Suite to drive for a new and better future

Diagnostic tools
Growth and Profit diagnostic
Change Success diagnostic

Strategy tools
Decision Matrix video
Force Field video