The top 10 insights to grow your business in 2016

What are the trends, opportunities and challenges that are going to shape my business during the year ahead?’

The recently published Mindshop Business Leader Study reveals the trends, opportunities and challenges business leaders believe are going to shape their business and industry during 2016.

Some business leaders take on board trends and insights in a methodical manner, continuously adapting their strategies based on what fits with their vision, but most do nothing with the result being ‘ground hog’ years with minimal change to their businesses. Regardless of what camp you are in, the business environment globally is adapting rapidly and leaders need to be ready to change.

The annual study, based on feedback from hundreds of business leaders and advisers from around the world, identifies the Top 10 insights as:

  1. Ensure growth is profitable
  2. Future proof products and services
  3. Better integrate technology
  4. Adopt agile leadership
  5. Boost employee engagement
  6. Attract and retain the best team
  7. Continuously sharpen the saw
  8. Prioritise projects
  9. Boost probability of change success
  10. Problem solving culture

Understanding the top 3-4 insights to focus on in your business or division in order to achieve your growth targets in 2016 will be critical for success. We will be working with our clients and contacts on the strategies required, and the insights will provide a narrative for our regular Growth Academy workshops.

The full report is presented online here or you can download a pdf

If you are interested in Growth Academy as a means of achieving change in your business, then you can find more information here.

Richard Miller is an Accredited Mindshop facilitator.