‘The world is your oyster’ How Dafferns help clients do business around the world

‘The world is your oyster’ has never been truer than it is today. Technological advancements mean important information can be attained at the click of a button, or people in different cities, or even countries, can work on the same project simultaneously via the cloud.

Quite simply there are no longer geographical boundaries to business. The world has shrunk to such an extent that international expansion is now often a fundamental part of a UK business’s growth plan, regardless of whether it’s an SME or a listed business.

It’s how to make that transition that I’m often asked about as the International Partner at Dafferns.

Whether it’s a smaller business wanting to export their product to an overseas market for the first time or a multinational company setting up a permanent establishment in another country, an internationally connected accountancy firm can help your business make that happen.

That’s why Dafferns is part of AGN International, one of the largest worldwide associations of separate and independent accounting and consulting firms in the world. We pride ourselves on being business strategists, trusted advisers and active participants in the formation of a business’s planning process. We regularly meet with our AGN international counterparts so we have strong links in countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. Knowing what business issues are present in these countries can help us proactively navigate our clients through any difficult or sensitive expansion plans.

The removal of geographical business boundaries hasn’t just helped our clients to reach new markets and customers, it’s helped Dafferns too. We now act for many more clients across the country and over 25 international groups over the world.

During September 2018 alone, I’ve been asked by a client to help them set up a subsidiary in Germany and I have headed up a team from Dafferns to complete an assignment in Kansas City, USA for a UK subsidiary of a Fortune 500 Company.

We like to say; Dafferns are the accountancy firm that has Coventry roots and international reach

If you would like to discuss international activity for your business please contact Andy Bewick on 02476 221 046 or email [email protected]