The Autumn 2018 Budget – Twitter Highlights

While watching the budget the @dafferns team, including @richardMdaffern and @martinGdafferns tweeted their Budget highlights – not that there were that many, from what was one of the least interesting and lengthy Budgets in years…

He’s making the pothole announcement – £420m immediately available for minor road works (some estimate £8bn needed to fix them all)

R&D #tax credits – #PAYE restriction to be reintroduced

Introduction of a UK #digitalservices #tax for companies with a global annual revenue of at least £500m

£675m of co-funding to help councils rejuvenate high streets #retail #businesses

New tax on plastics made or imported that contain less than 30% recycled plastics

Chancellor…we will freeze fuel duties for the ninth successive year… …bringing the total saving to the average car driver to over £1,000… …and to the average van driver to over £2,500…

“We will introduce a new tax on the manufacture and import of plastic packaging which contains less than 30% recycled plastic… …transforming the economics of sustainable packaging.

Plans for Making Tax Digital for Business were only fleetingly referred to in the Budget speech, but huge changes are coming in the next few years for the whole UK tax system, beginning with VAT reporting from April 2019. Full details can be found on our MAKING TAX DIGITAL page

Full details of the Autumn 2018 Budget can be found on our BUDGET page