The Budget

Philip Hammond's first Budget in March 2017, with no big changes impacting the 2017/18 tax year expected...... he says he doesn't do rabbits and hats
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The March 2017 Budget

hilip Hammond delivered his first Budget, the first of two in 2017. Set against a backdrop of a stabilising economy, but still needing to cut costs, the opposition in disarray and challenging and potentially expensive Brexit negotiations looming large on the horizon.

2016 Budget and Autumn Statement

2016 was a tumultuous year, with the BREXIT vote in June, rapidly followed by a new Prime Minister and then new  Chancellor Philip Hammond’s 2016 Autumn Statement


More news on Digital Tax Accounts, the new dividend tax, changes in tax relief on pension contributions, further spending cut backs...... what does The Chancellor have in store for us on 16 March....

Dafferns review of the Summer 2015 Budget

2015 was year of two Budgets, the first in March before the Election and the second in June from the new Conservative Government

Our review of the March 2015 Budget

The pre election scenario, laying the ground rules, but with coalition partners at appease and an the Election looming