Survive, Pivot, Adapt, Thrive Webinar 2 – Pivot/Adapt in your business and role as a leader in 2020

Dafferns Business Leader Groups webinar, hosted by Richard Miller and Martin Gibbs, the second in our Survive | Pivot/Adapt | Thrive series.

As global restrictions begin to ease and businesses start to emerge from survival mode to a covid-safe new normal, it’s important for owners and leaders to look at how they navigate these challenges. Where are your opportunities to Pivot/Adapt in your business and role? Important to this will be your ability to pivot/adapt your business model, team, products and services to an evolving market.

Discover in this webinar:
Insights on where in the Survive, Pivot/Adapt, roadmap businesses now find themselves
Insights from peers on how they are navigating this next stage of the COVID-19 crisis
Where are opportunities to pivot/adapt in your business and role?
Tools / Processes to drive strategies you can implement immediately in your day-to-day role

In this webinar, Richard Miller and Martin Gibbs will signpost how, as a leader, you can continue to steer yourself, your team and your business through these challenging times and out the other side.

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