Survive, Pivot, Adapt Thrive Webinar 1 – Leading successfully through the crisis

The first video in our Survive | Pivot/Adapt | Thrive series. As the UK lockdown continues, we enter a time of huge change as we all start to plan for what happens next, as we hopefully come out of the lockdown, pivoting and adapting business models to the new normal. Businesses have been working on their business plans, looking at the scenarios in three stages: Survive, Pivot / Adapt and hopefully in time, Thrive.

Most businesses are now moving to the second Pivot / Adapt phase; exploring innovations, pivoting strategies, adapting and developing new products or services for an evolved marketplace as a necessary step to ultimately returning to profitability.

In this webinar, we explore:
The leadership attributes and capabilities you will need to focus on and hone in the months ahead to navigate through the crisis
The lessons that have been learned to date
What can you learn from your peers?

Our roadmap for businesses through this current crisis
Strategies can you embrace based on the severity of impact to your business
Four attributes of leaders successfully navigating this crisis
What is working for your peers in navigating the crisis
The key actions you should be taking over the next 30 days

Richard and Martin can help steer you, your team and your business through these challenging times and out the other side.

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