New Mindshop Online Course – Personal Resilience

Build your resilience and assist others to strengthen theirs with this new online Mindshop course from Dafferns

Resilience can generally be defined as ‘bouncing back from adversity’ but also includes being more ‘bullet proof’ in the first place.

When facing a challenge, resilience enables you to manage emotions and create positive self-talk to help successfully adapt and work though a situation. As we age and gain experience, our resilience often grows but the tools and techniques in this course will enable you to fast-track your personal growth.

Thank you to Mindshop advisor, Dr Darryl Cross for his contributions to the course.

Core elements include: Stress management, modifying your beliefs, maximizing the probability of the success of your resilience plan, how to build capability and self-confidence resulting in a personal one-page ‘building resilience’ plan.

The course contains the following modules:

  • Where is your resilience now?
  • Managing your stress
  • Managing your beliefs
  • Managing your self picture
  • Managing change in a world of change
  • Building capability
  • Dealing with barriers
  • Your resilience plan
  • Personal resilience exam

For a limited period this course is available for Dafferns clients and contacts to complete via our two complimentary courses offer.

Registrations before 31 May 2020 are free and remain valid for 6 months.

For more details or to register for the course please email Richard Miller