Inheritance Tax exempt transfers

Making gifts to family and friends can be a good way to reduce the value of your Estate for Inheritance Tax purposes. 

There are various gifts that can be made which are tax free:

  • Gifts to spouses (limited to £325,000 if … is non-UK domiciled)  
  • Gifts to UK charities 
  • Certain marriage gifts – for this to be exempt, the gift has to be given before the wedding and the wedding has to happen. 

    The exceptions are as follows:
    • Children – up to £5,000
    • Grandchildren – up to £2,500
    • Other relative – up to £1,000
  • Small gifts – you can give up to £250 per person and you can gift this to as many people as you wish during the year.  
  • Annual exemption (£3,000 per tax year) – any unused allowance can be carried forward to the following tax year, however it then must be used in that year and cannot be carried forward to any future years. 

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