Growth Spurt Sept 2016: 4 ways to boost performance levels

In this series of snippets we distil our regular Growth Academy half-day workshops down into their essential elements and learning points. A strategic prompt for the Academy members who were there, and a taster of what you missed if you weren’t…

Date: 6 September 2016

Key focus: Boosting Business Performance

Topics covered:

  • Mindshop Online – new features, tools and solutions
  • Key metrics of high performance – the six metrics (Bain research)
  • Case study: The story of Under Armour
  • Focus on four –  Engaged, Effective, Aligned and Adaptable
  • Change success: the 8 scenarios, where are you?

Take home points:

  • A company operating in the top 20% of their industry across all six metrics was found to be 5 times more likely to be a high business performer (Bain)
  • Companies that make better and faster decisions, and execute them consistently, outperform those that don’t
  • Use foundation tools for problem solving
  • Systematic decision making – root cause or symptom? – using the decision matrix
  • Work on strategies that drive change – the importance of adaptability.

Moment of truth!

“Executives spend days or weeks devising well-crafted strategies and then throw them “over the wall” to the rest of the company, hoping and praying that their vision will bear fruit.” – The challenge of strategic alignment. Oracle White Paper