Finding new Trustees (CC30)

The recruitment, appointment and induction process for new charity trustees and how to set a framework recruitment.

Finding the right trustee can be challenging for charities of all sizes. However the charity commission advises charities on how to recruit, select and appoint trustees. Getting the right candidate is very important to the charity as the right person can strongly influence how effective the charity will be in the future at meeting its charitable purpose. It is very important for a charity to have a board that is balanced and effective and the only way of achieving this is to appoint the correct people.

Trustees play an essential role in the governance of charities as they serve as the main source of communication of the charitable purpose, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the charity and they also ensure the charity is well managed.

Charities should strive to have a diverse board which consists of a large range of skills and experience. Having a good board ensures the charity is running correctly.

The responsibility of recruiting new trustees lies with the existing board, it is their responsibility to ensure the best candidates are sought, there are various methods of recruiting for the correct person from local contacts to adverting in the press. The existing trustees must ensure that the recruitment process is run correctly and the new trustee has a valuable skillset which will advance the charity. Once the new trustee has been vetted and chosen, the new trustee can be appointed in accordance with the charity’s governing document.

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