Find your Elephant Powder

Dave Coplin, the Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsoft was the keynote speaker at the Mindshop UK Conference in London in June 2017.

His elephant powder story really struck a chord with me and my colleagues. So often in business we get into the habit of doing things the same way we have always done them…

Dave is walking through London very early one morning. The streets are really quiet except for one man crouched down sprinkling white powder along the middle of the road. Intrigued, Dave approaches the man and asks what he is doing.

The man explains he is sprinkling elephant powder, he does it every morning. Dave is visibly puzzled, the man continues “it keeps the elephants away”.

Dave, still puzzled…….”But there are no elephants in London?!”.

In agreement the man exclaims

“I know! Been using it for years, great stuff isn’t it!”

Moral of the tale – Stop doing things that serve no purpose just because you may have always done them!

Sometimes you just need someone to bounce ideas off, to challenge you and act as a catalyst for change in your business. Dafferns can help you and your business do this and it can all start with a 30 minute meeting over a cup of coffee.

Please get in touch with either me, Richard Miller or Martin Gibbs and we will help you find your Elephant Powder!